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The Difference Between Fiancé Visa and a Marriage-Based Green Card
As a newly engaged couple trying to understand and figure out the best way to get your fiancé over to...
The Most Common Question Asked During Your Fiancé Visa Interview
What is a Fiancé Visa or K-1 Visa?   A Fiancé Visa or K-1 Visa is a visa that allows the engaged partner...
How to Obtain a Marriage Green Card by the Consular Process
If you are currently living in another country but are married to a United States citizen, in order to...
How to File an I-751 Waiver Without Your Spouse
If you are in a difficult situation, in which you are a conditional green card holder, with an expiring...
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WATCH: Immigration Webinar: Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
In case you missed it, immigration attorney, Ifeoma Odunlami hosted a free immigration webinar and gave...
Immigration Webinar: Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
Join Ifeoma, the founder and principal attorney at Odunlami Law Firm for a free immigration webinar....
Steps on How to Qualify for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
What is Special Immigrant Juvenile Status?   Special Immigrant Juvenile Status or (SIJS) is specifically...
Getting Your Green Card When You Are In Abusive Relationship | VAWA
Transcript   Good morning, everybody. It’s been a long time that I’ve done a live. I...
Preparing for Your Marriage Interview | Marriage Interview Tips
Transcript Hello. Good morning. My name is Ifeoma Odunlami, for those that do not know me. I am an immigration...
Can A Conditional Green Card Holder File A Petition For Their Children? | US Immigration
Transcript   Good morning. My name is Ifeoma Odunlami. I’m an immigration attorney from Odunlami...
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