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We are immigrants helping fellow immigrants get legal status

My Immigrant Story: This could be yours too

My name is Ifeoma Odunlami, I am an immigration attorney and I am also a proud immigrant. I came to the United States from Nigeria when I was 20 years old. Looking back, I remember that young girl arriving at John F. Kennedy Airport from Lagos, Nigeria, alone and anxious, who wanted nothing more than to be a lawyer and an advocate for others.

My immigration journey took me from an F-1 student at Pace University School of Law to the United States citizen I am today. In between, I navigated the very complex arena of immigration law with the assistance of immigration lawyers whose help ensured that I could achieve my dream of becoming a United States Citizen.

This journey through the immigration system sparked my interest in helping immigrants like me fulfill their American Dream. I have been through the immigration process and it is my passion and an honor to help others do the same by empowering them with excellent representation, minimizing the fear and anxiety associated with the process by personalized attention and communication.

One of my greatest honors was receiving the National Top 100 Black Lawyers award, for me a gratification that encourages me every day to continue improving as a lawyer and as a person.

My solitary journey to the United States has changed the trajectory of my family. I am now a U.S. citizen and my immigrant spouse, siblings and mother now have legal status. After all, immigration is also about bringing and keeping families together.

Fulfill your American Dream

At Odunlami Law we are immigrants helping fellow immigrants. Our families like yours have gone through the immigration process and we understand what you are going through. That is why we fight to make sure your dreams become a reality.


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