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Odunlami Law will help you become a citizen of the US

The immigrant’s path is long and complex, even more so when it comes to becoming a US citizen. When you start your naturalization application, you also begin an exhaustive process by the government that will examine every little detail of your life in the United States and your documentation. This is why hiring a naturalization lawyer in New Jersey can decide the outcome of your application.

How to become a US citizen

Immigrants who are interested in becoming US citizens can accomplish it through the so-called process of naturalization. This is no easy task. First of all the applicant must pass a background and security check, be interviewed by a USCIS agent, and successfully complete a special examination for naturalizations.

You must be able to prove extensive knowledge of the country’s history, values and government, and understand and speak English fluently. In addition, you must present to USCIS all the required documentation, perfectly filled out with every little US citizenship requirements fulfilled. Here is where Odunlami Law, a New Jersey citizenship lawyer, comes in to help you do this process the right way.

What is a N-600 form? Why do I need one?

One of the most important steps in the process is getting the so-called naturalization form N-600, submitted to obtain a Certificate of Citizenship that serves as evidence of citizenship.

It can be filed by those who were born in a foreign country and are claiming to be US citizens through their parents. Or perhaps to get evidence of citizenship if you automatically became a United States citizen by operation of law after birth but before your 18th birthday. A parent or guardian may also file a form N-600 on behalf of a minor.

Removal of Conditions and Naturalization Lawyer

The form I-751, petition for removal of conditions, is a document used by conditional permanent residents to remove the conditions that gave them this status, in order to become lawful permanent residents and be able to obtain citizenship.

Going through this process can be complicated for many people, the form is delicate and has a lot of fine print, and the risk of doing it incorrectly is deportation. That’s why we recommend calling for a removal of conditions and naturalization lawyer such as Odunlami Law.

Citizenship vs residency: What's the difference?

While an American citizen is someone who legally belongs to the country and identifies with it, residents live in the United States and work here legally, but they do not have the same rights and obligations.

Being a citizen if you were not born in the US is a great privilege. For example, some differences regarding residency is that citizens can vote, they cannot be deported, and they are not subject to visa expiration times.

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