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If a person has entered the United States illegally or if they have stayed past their visa expiration date, they may become inadmissible to the United States. In order to obtain legal status, they may need to leave the country and apply for an inadmissibility waiver before they can request entry into the country.

Immigrants who have committed multiple immigration violations may also need to leave the country and request a waiver if they want to fix their status and live in the United States legally.

How Inadmissibility Waivers Work?

Depending on the grounds of inadmissibility, you will need to request a specific waiver. A waiver does not “erase” the circumstances which created the inadmissibility – it establishes the non-application of a general rule or exception for a specific immigration case. All waivers are discretionary, which means that no matter how valid your claim may be, USCIS can still decide to deny your waiver request if they don’t find it convincing enough. In order to ensure that your application is as complete and accurate as possible, enlisting the help of an immigration attorney specializing in waivers is the best course of action.

With the waiver process, the non-application of a general rule or exception for a specific immigration case is sought.

Depending on your situation, you might need to apply for a waiver in order to fix your status or request entry into the United States. Immigration waiver lawyer Ifeoma Odunlami and her team will hear your case, determine what kind of waiver you need, and guide you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Inadmissibility waivers

As was mentioned before, there are different kinds of waivers of inadmissibility which apply to different situations. At Odunlami Law, we can help you obtain whichever waiver you may be in need of, but we primarily work with I-212 waivers and inadmissibility waivers for U Visa and T Visa applicants.

I-212 waiver of ineligibility

This waiver is an application for permission to reapply for entry into the US after being deported. This means that it is a second chance to enter the US again if the government approves it. Only certain cases can apply to this I-212 waiver of ineligibility, and the requirements to do it are not simple. You must hire an immigration attorney specializing in waivers to successfully overcome the process and obtain your document. However, obtaining the waiver does not grant you the right to reenter the country; you have to file the corresponding application with USCIS in order to return.

Waiver of Inadmissibility for U Visa or T Visa Applicants

There are causes of inadmissibility that waivers cannot solve, not even with the best waiver attorney in the market. But fortunately, most of these causes can be waived when applying for a U Visa or a T visa.
At Odunlami Law we are specialists in these types of visas. Enter our page to learn more about them, how to apply and their requirements.

Contact us to obtain this nonimmigrant status for victims of serious crimes such as physical and mental abuse.

If you were a victim of human trafficking, apply for a T Visa and remain legally in the US for four years.

Schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney and get your case started today.
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