Bona Fide Marriage Checklist – How to Prove a Bona Fide Marriage

If you are looking to obtain a green card for your spouse there are a few steps you need to take including filing I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, practicing for your marriage interview, and collecting documents to prove your marriage is a “Bona Fide Marriage.” A “Bona Fide Marriage” means a marriage of good faith. You need to prove that your marriage is a real and authentic marriage and that you plan to stay together and have a genuine love for each other.

During your green card interview, you will be asked specific questions about your marriage. You will need your marriage certificate as one of your documents but you will need to provide additional evidence to prove that your marriage is a true, “Bona Fide Marriage”

Our immigration law firm works with clients in 50 states. We can walk you through your green card filing, assist you with preparing for your marriage interview, and help you collect your documents to prove your “Bona Fide Marriage”.

Below is a Bone Fide Marriage checklist which lists the most common types of documents you will need to prove your marriage is authentic and real. If you are newly married you may not have all these documents. However, your immigration attorney will be able to help you collect the most important documents.

When collecting evidence it is really important to make sure it’s organized so that the immigration officials can easily sort through your documents.

It is important that you take the time to look over and practice with your spouse the most common questions that you will be asked during your green card marriage interview. You will be surprised at how many little things you need to refresh yourself to remember about your spouse.

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Bona Fide Marriage Document Checklist


  1. Birth certificate (copy and original)

  2. State Id/Driver’s License/Passport (original) – your new married name should be on Ids.

  3. Health insurance cards

  4. Marriage certificate (copy and original)

  5. Bring a copy of your interview letter

  6. Current/expired U.S. visa(s) (copy and original)

  7. Medical examination document (copy and original)

  8. Proof of sponsor’s U.S. citizenship or permanent residence (copy and original)

  9. Proof of lawful U.S. entry and status, if applicable (copy and original)

  10. Police clearance certificate, if applicable (copy and original)

  11. Copy of lease agreement or mortgage

  12. Court, police, and prison records, if applicable (copy and original)

  13. Military records, if applicable (copy and original)

  14. Immigration violation records, if applicable (copy and original)

  15. Bring your last 3 months’ joint bank account statements.

  16. Bring your most recent joint utility bill (copy and original)

  17. Bring your most recent joint phone bill (copy and original)

  18. Bring your most recent medical insurance cards (copy and original)

  19. Bring your most up-to-date car insurance (copy and original)

  20. Bring a copy of 401K or life insurance (copy and original)

  21. Bring copies of additional retirement accounts

  22. Bring a copy of any recent federal tax return (if filed jointly)

  23. Bring any other additional joint documents that have both names

  24. Bring 10-15 photographs

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Bona Fide Marriage Checklist

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