Prepare for your Marriage Interview: Possible Red Flags in Your Interview

Our immigration law firm understands how overwhelming and stressful applying for and going through the green card process can be. Our principal attorney, Ifeoma Odunalmi recently did a video to walk you through how to prepare for your marriage interview and how to avoid these possible red flags in your interview.

There are red flags that the USCIS see in your application that could lead them to believe that your marriage is not real. If this happens to you, it could prevent you or anyone in your family from ever getting a green card.

It is important to note the possible red flags, and how to submit your documents correctly to prove your marriage is a bona fide marriage.


How to avoid possible red flags in your interview


Have all the necessary documents available
You should have no excuses as to why you don’t have all the specific documents you need for your case. It is important to keep everything filed and organized in a safe place. You should also have a backup of all your documents including photographs of your relationship.

Different addresses
If you don’t have the same address you will need to show why you don’t have the same address. It needs to be something concrete such as one of you is finishing your education in a different location or you have to work in a different state. The job needs to be something that is absolutely necessary that leads you to be in a different state. If you are together in the same state you should have the same address on your application. If you are married, you should be living together.

You speak different languages
If you do not speak the same language, how are you able to communicate together? It would be unusual for a couple not to be able to have everyday communication or make decisions together. If this is the case, this could be a red flag for the USCIS.

A huge age difference
Any age difference that is more than ten years may cause the USCIS to scrutinize your case. This does not mean that your case will be denied. However, you need to be able to prove that your marriage is real, a “bona fide marriage.”

Are not able to answer general questions
You should be able to answer general questions about your spouse including where they work, what a typical day looks like together, what is your spouse’s daily schedule, and what you like to do together for fun. If you can’t answer general questions about your own relationship then the USCIS could see this as potentially a red flag.

Your race, education, career, religious background
If you are different from your spouse. Meaning you are of a different race, speak another language, have a higher education or a better job, one of you has a lot more money than the other, or even have a different religious background. This does not mean that your case will get denied, it could just mean that the USCIS may give your case a second look to make sure your marriage is an authentic marriage.

Secret Marriage
The USCIS will look into your social media, and follow your digital footprint. If you are on social media and your social media shows that you don’t appear to be married or you are not acting as a married person on social media. Or you and your spouse are not seen in public together with family and friends. These will be huge red flags to USCIS.

A marriage of convenience or getting married too quickly
If your visa is about to expire within three to six months, or you suddenly meet someone and get married too quickly. This could potentially be a red flag to USCIS. The USCIS could see this as a marriage of convenience.

A previous sponsor
If you are planning on marrying someone who has been a previous sponsor to help someone get a card green. This could also be seen as a marriage of convenience and be a huge red flag to USCIS.

Criminal record or fraudulent past
If you plan to marry someone who has a criminal past including being previously caught in fraud or lying to authorities. This person has been shown to lack good moral character in the eyes of USCIS, and this is considered a red flag.

Please note that if any of the above does describe you and your spouse. it does not mean that you will be denied your green card. It simply underscores why it is so important to make sure you have all the necessary documents and that you can prove that your marriage is a “bona fide marriage.”

If you need help with your documents or gathering evidence to prove your marriage is a “bona fide marriage”, our immigration law firm is here to help you.

Watch the video below:

Prepare for your Marriage Interview: Possible Red Flags in Your Interview


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