Immigration VAWA Help for Domestic Abuse in the LGBTQ+ Community

If you are an LGBTQ+ immigrant and have been a victim of abuse from your U.S. spouse. It is important to understand that you can get the help you need by seeking asylum and/or self-petitioning for VAWA.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, please know that you are not alone. Our immigration law firm is here for you, can answer any of your questions, and is able to assist you in helping you apply for VAWA.

Understanding what is VAWA and how it can protect LGBTQ+ victims of domestic violence


VAWA offers protections and allows victims of domestic violence or spousal abuse to “self-petition” to obtain a green card without the cooperation of the U.S. citizen or permanent resident relative who is abusing them.

Immigrant women, men, children, parents, and anyone who is part of the LGBTQ+ community and who is being abused by their relatives can receive protection under VAWA.


What is the definition of abuse?


Recent studies show high domestic abuse rates in LGBTQ+ relationships. Abuse is not only physical. Abuse can happen to victims in many different ways. Emotional, sexual, and psychological actions that make their spouses feel threatened, afraid, intimidated, or manipulated are all forms of abuse.

According to (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence), these are the recent stats in the LGBTQ community;

  • 43.8% of lesbian women and 61.1% of bisexual women have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner at some point in their lifetime, as opposed to 35% of heterosexual women.

  • 26% of gay men and 37.3% of bisexual men have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime, in comparison to 29% of heterosexual men.

  • Black and African American members of the LGBTQ+ community are more likely to experience physical violence.

  • In a study of male same-sex relationships, only 26% of men called the police for assistance after experiencing near-lethal violence.

  • In 2012, fewer than 5% of LGBTQ+ survivors of intimate partner violence sought orders of protection.

Since the pandemic, sadly we have seen a rise in these numbers in domestic abuse cases.

Learn more here: Domestic Violence in the LGBTQ+ Communities


How can victims of abuse in the LGBTQ+ communities get help?


Victims of abuse in the LGBTQ+ communities are less likely to get help because they have a general feeling that;

  • No one will believe them

  • They don’t want to be judged or discriminated

  • They have a fear of being outed

  • They feel like the abuse from their partner in some way is their fault and no one else will want to be with them

However, it is important that there are resources out there that are available to victims of abuse in the LGBTQ+ communities. Our immigration law firm is here to help victims of domestic abuse in the LGBTQ+ communities. We work with the survivors of domestic abuse to obtain permanent residency without the abusers’ knowledge. We can provide support by;

  • Guidance as we put together your VAWA case and self-petitioning for VAWA

  • Helping with gathering your evidence and writing your Personal Declaration Letter

  • Assurance that you can file for VAWA without the abusers’ knowledge

  • Supporting you throughout your case and answering all your questions

  • Connecting you with resources so that you can get the help you need

  • Assisting you in finding a place where you can feel safe again

Feel free to read these additional resources that will walk you through

How to apply for VAWA and How to Write Your Personal Declaration Letter for VAWA Self-Petition.



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