USCIS Massive Increase in Immigration Fees 2023

USCIS Massive Increase In Immigration Fees 2023

USCIS announced on January 4, 2023, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published a proposed rule to increase filing fees for most immigrants. Additionally, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced 60 days public comment period and recently said they would extend it by five business days until March 13, 2023.

*This article will be edited as the story when the USCIS makes its final announcement.


The following article will discuss the USCIS increases and how they will affect clients we work with through our immigration law firm. 

Again, these are just proposed fees, and we will work with our clients and update this article and our clients as a final announcement is made and when these official fees will go into effect and law.

How increases in immigration fees could affect your green card

The most significant proposed increase is the I-485 which is the adjustment of status or the form you need to start the process of obtaining your green card. 

The I-485 attaches several pathways to citizenship. For example, suppose you are filing for VAWA, which is I-360. You would file your I-360 with the adjustment of status. If you are filing for your family member, you would then file the I-130 along with the adjustment of status.

Under the new proposed fees, they want to increase the biometric fee from $1,225 to a considerable increase of $1,540. Which is a difference of $315.

Recently USCIS also unveiled a redesign of the green card to include enhanced security features. These changes include more detailed artwork, raised surfaces, and holographic images on the front and back.

The federal agency said it would start issuing the redesigned cards beginning January 30, 2023. However, it should be noted that older green cards issued before the redesign will remain valid until the card’s expiration date. The purpose of this redesign is “to further demonstrates USCIS’ commitment to taking a proactive approach against the threat of secure document tampering, counterfeiting, and fraud.

The USCIS proposes an increase to travel and work visas.

The proposed fees could affect I-131, a travel visa, and the I-765 is a work permit. Both of these are connected when you file for the I-485. Previously, when filing for adjustment status, you did not have to pay a fee for either the I-131 or the I-765. 

Under the new proposed fees, you will now have to pay for both the travel and work visas. These increases are also significant. The travel visa with the adjustment of status will increase from $1,225 to $2,170, a 77% increase. The work visa, along with the adjustment of status, will increase from $1,225 to $2,190, and 79% increase. 

When someone files for adjustment of status I-485, most want to include the travel and work Visa because you want both as you wait for your green card. However, the increase for both is going up significantly from $1,225 to $2,820, an increase of 130%. So essentially, you are paying for each form separately under this new proposal.

The USCIS is proposing an increase for children under the age of 14.

For family filing for the I-485, adjustment along with any children under the age of 14. Any children under 14 do not pay the full fee; currently, each child under 14 pays $750. Under the new proposal, a child will now pay $1,540.

A significant increase to the I-751 (petition to remove conditions on residents)

The I-751 (petition to remove conditions on residents) is for people who have a temporary green card and are married to a U.S citizen or green card holder, and their marriage is less than two years when they got their green card. Before the temporary green card expires, they must remove the conditions on their green card before applying for the permanent 10-year green card. Currently, with biometrics, the I-751 is $680, but with the proposed change, it will be $1,195. That’s an increase of $515. 

The 601a waiver proposed increase.

The 601a waiver is an application for provisional unlawful presence. You use this waiver if you’re coming to the United States without being inspected and admitted, and you have to get the waiver so that you can get out of the United States and get your Visa and come back to the United States. Currently, the biometrics is $715; however, with the proposed increase, it will be $1105.

Additional immigration forms that will be affected by the USCIS increase

These additional forms that our immigration law firm frequently works with also be affected by the USCIS increase. 

  • I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization) currently, $410 increased to $555 online, by paper $650
  • I-90 (Application to Replace Permanent resident Card) is now $540 and will decrease to $455 online. 
  • I-102 (Application for Replacement of Nonimmigrant Arrival Departure) is now $445 and will increase to $680
  • 290b (Notice of Appeal or Motion) is currently $675 and could increase to $800
  • I-360 (Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant) is $435 and could increase to $550 
  • I-539 (Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status) is $455 but could increase to $525 online, but if you do a paper filing, it could increase to $620
  • I-601 (Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility), currently the fee is $930 but could increase to $1,050

Forms that will not be significantly affected by USCIS's massive increase

Currently, the N400 (Application for Naturalization) will not be affected too much by the fee increase. Currently, the biometrics is $725; the increase would be $35 to $760.

Also, the I-130, the petition for alien relative (the form used to file for a family member or spouse), has a current fee of $535, a proposed fee of $710 online, and $810 if you file by paper. 

However, when you are filing the I-130, you are also filing along with the adjustment of status I-485. So you have to include both fees. So the new amount would be over $3,000 to file. Right now, to file for both is currently $1,760.

The benefit of filing your forms online

As the USCIS moves into its new proposal, they encourage filing all forms online. Filing online will help move the process along more efficiently and easier. If you file by paper, there will be an additional filing fee. The other benefit to filing online is that you will file the most recent form.

Are You Looking For An Experienced Immigration Law Firm?

The goal of our immigration law firm is to help fellow immigrants achieve their American dream. Before this USCIS massive increase goes into effect, now is the best time to work with an experienced immigration attorney to help you get your green card.

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