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At the Odunlami Law Firm, we strive to provide skilled representation for individuals who face various legal matters. We have been serving our clients with a long history of success and we always aim to provide you with the best representation possible.

We can assist you in a wide array of legal matters, from start to finish.
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At Odunlami Law Firm, we have the experience necessary to guide you through the legal process, no matter the issue with which you are dealing. We are dedicated to personalized attention through every aspect of your case. 

If you are facing a legal issue, then it is vitally important to you and/or your family  that you retain skilled representation that can assist you through the process. We have the experience and skill that you need on your side. We utilize an initial consultation to better understand your situation.

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Areas of Practice

Debtor’s Right and Bankruptcy

Municipal Law/Traffic Violations/DUI

Social Security Disability and SSI

Immigration and Naturalization Law

Child Welfare Law and Adoption

Real Estate Law